Brian Swift

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Digital Paint.

Marker and Digital after Charles Addams

My version of the cast of a brand new DCU movie,  “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen”.  If you are a Literary Agent, Manager or associate of Ava DuVernay, I’d love to send you my script.

Samba Burst. Digital Paint.

Graphic Novel Character Design.

Graphic Novel Character Design.

Graphic Novel Character Design.

My 2D Character Designs to 3D Modeling Dept.

Storyboard for music video. 2 of 5 pages shown.

Characters for maquettes.

Marker/Digital Rendering. Interior and Sign Design.

Helpful communication between Artists & Developers.

The 5 issue run of Electric Fear comics, self-published by Sparks Comics Co. 1985 – 1989 was reviewed in Comics Buyer’s Guide and Comics Journal and had nationwide distribution as well as Canada and the UK. The 3rd chapter in the series was co-published with Ray Zone as issue #4 of his “3D Zone” comics. It featured dramatic use of the analglyphic 3D process and came with scratch ‘n’ sniff 3D glasses.

I met Ray 3D Zone at the San Diego Comicon. He asked if I’d be interested in publishing the 3rd issue of my Electric Fear series as the 4th issue of his The 3D Zone Presents series. He converted my art to 3D and the art of almost every other 3D comic book published in those years, using his top secret 3D process. He was the master and professor of all things 3D. So, grab your red/blue glasses and check it out.

Ray was a great guy and my friend. R.I.P. May his memory be a blessing.