Brian Swift

Electric Fear

- Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Fantasy (novel)

A young Neurophysicist defies Cold War-era sexism only to see her theories

give birth to a weapon of mass destruction. After losing her son to a secret,

interdimensional experiment, arcane universes of thought are unlocked, and she

fears losing her mind. Her only chance to find him is to face the death of

reality and see Project Headroom through to its horrifying conclusion.

A Spine-chilling Story of Science Fiction Superheroes, Psychic Secret Agents,

Savage Monstrosities and Arcane Universes of Thought.

Electric Fear excerpt…

There’s no normal in this war, no status quo, no common ground,

only extreme stress and conflict. But still the desire for normalcy endures.

I’m surrounded by regular people living normal lives, doing

regular things, having normal goals like holding down a job, raising kids,

seeking happiness, searching endlessly for fulfillment, a cure for boredom,

loneliness, ultimately love, but settling for much less.

There’s no patience anymore. I want to know your story but I

want the climax first. Life’s too short to wait for my jackpot.

The jackpot the cosmos owes me. It’s my due.

I earned it by abiding and I’ve waited long enough.

Tell me about the Paraverses.

Tell me about the endless worlds of Psychospace.

The possibilities of infinity. The infinity of cause and effect.

There’s no truth anymore, only points of view and that puts

things into perspective, in that, that’s all there are

– perspectives and there can be no end to story.

Every glance is a thousand observers’ opening scene, every

random thought a thousand new stories’ premise and every desire another

anonymous protagonist’s passion.

If being is believing, then perception is reality and somewhere,

whatever can be imagined will be true.

And all the stories can be told at the same time.

All the stories can be told at the same time.


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen

- Action/Adventure, Fantasy (screenplay)

After the tragic death of his parents and boyfriend during Superman’s battle with General Zod in Metropolis, James “Jimmy” Olsen turned his talents to paranormal investigation. Now he finds himself at

the epicenter of an alien invasion of Earth by Darkseid, warlord of the planet Apokolips.

With the help of Superman and teenage freedom fighters from the planet New Genesis, he fights for peace in all-out cosmic adventure.

Wild Dove

- Action/Adventure, Science Fiction


Viet Nam veteran/ biker/ rocket-scientist,

Stan Buckler owns and operates a commercial satellite launching business. He discovers a secret space program hidden within NASA when his son, Astronaut, Cal becomes involved in a mysterious shuttle mission. With his crew of Native American aeronauts and private airbase/headquarters in the Nevada desert, Stan is the only person capable of unraveling the secret of Stealth Shuttles and putting a stop to the incredible events that may change the course of history.

Satania Jones and the Hot Rod Girls:

The Rockabilly Musical


Book Musical and Graphic Novel

A new dark musical comedy set in a Post-Apocalyptic American Southwest that has been 'Blasted back to the Rock n Roll Age' by the folly of man.

This is the true story of Satania Jones, the demonic,

daydreaming daughter of Satan who travels from her stylish apartment in Hell to the human world to collect the one soul her father longs to possess, the soul

of Hot Rod Girl.

Billion Dollar Babies

- Action/Adventure, Horror (screenplay)

Chloe Thorne is an undercover U.S. Marshall

investigating a case of black-market babies abducted from their families for illegal adoption. Her cover is so deep, there‘s no turning back from blatant

terror when bizarre events lead her to a cult with insidious plans for the missing infants.

She’s up to the challenge but something’s

wrong…something is very different about these babies. This Action/Mystery is dark in the Noir tradition


- Action/Adventure, Horror (screenplay)

Vera Wells loves her brother, Andrew. She has

made herself into just the kind of innovative, young physician who might have a chance of curing his mental illnesses. How could she know the hospital where he lives is a house of horrors?  What’s to save her loved ones from falling prey to frightening tragedy by way of demonic forces at the edge of sanity?

The Film: the film

- Suspense (screenplay in draft)

A film student, bored of film, inadvertently

creates a cinematic genre that not only raises the bar of creative filmmaking around the world but also

challenges the way humans communicate on a primal level. When Hollywood attempts to co-opt her style,

the nature of reality itself is shaken to its core.